At PlayVox, we are absolutely thrilled to announce that we will be moving our products to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Why are we migrating to AWS? 

Our customer base has been growing in such a way that we needed to ensure our own growth as well. We were already handling large quantities of data from our current customers, and we wanted to continue providing the best possible service, at all times. 

We were encountering some challenges working with our current vendors. Some of those challenges included slow performance and latency issues, high server costs, slow support response, and complexity in scaling up new services and deployments. These were issues that clearly could be solved by moving to AWS. 

This migration has many positives, not only for us, but for our customers as well. Some of them are:

  • securing a better operational response for our customers
  • gaining agility and speed
  • improving availability, performance, scalability, compliance, and security
  • Improving backup and recovery strategies
  • potentially increasing the productivity of our workforce
  • scaling and developing our products more easily
  • having 24/7 access to Amazon's data experts in case issues should arise.

Not to mention, some of the most renown and trusted AWS clients include Dow Jones, AON, Capital One, NASA, Netflix, and the UK government.


When does this transition happen?

Our SFTP servers may be temporarily unavailable to make the transition, it will happen on Sunday, February 17th from 5 am until 7 am PST.

Our web platform may be temporarily unavailable on Sunday, February 24th from 5 am until 7 am PST.


Will this affect my PlayVox workspace?

Unless you have enabled a firewall IP restriction and/or you use PlayVox's SFTP services, nothing should change. This process won't affect any of our customers. 

I DID enable a firewall IP restriction for PlayVox, so what do I have to do?

If you have set IP restrictions for accessing your PlayVox site, then you'll need to reconfigure the restriction based on the domain (ex.: or * ).

FYI - We will no longer support access restrictions by IP addresses.
NOTE: The IP restriction configuration in your community setting is unaffected and still supported (only users represented by certain IP addresses are able to log in to PlayVox).

Why? With this migration, we are switching to an elastic service where IP addresses and servers rotate often. 

On the other hand, if you have or require IP restrictions within your integrations or connectors with PlayVox, then you must include PlayVox's new IP addresses. If this is the case and you need the info, please contact your CSM.


Where can I get help in case I have more questions?

You can most definitely reach out to our Support team at 


PlayVox is highly committed to data protection and privacy. If you’d like, you can read our privacy policies.


Last Edited: 02.13.9

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