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  1. What benefits exactly does PlayVox's Workloads provide my team/process?It allows you to create customized workloads for quality analysts (deciding how to distribute the workload among x number of analysts and in which period of time), permitting you to automatically track (filtering types of interactions) the assignments and goals set. You can even set workloads for random selection and assignment to analysts. In other words, PlayVox's Workloads helps you and your team be more productive. 
  2. Does Workloads' Add-on have any additional cost to my plan?Not at all, it is included in our Quality Product, even from the Starter Plan.
  3. What do I need to have Workloads?You MUST have our Quality Product, at least one integration or connector, and of course a great team to apply it to!
  4. Can I use Workloads if I don't have any integrations or connectors? No, if you're a standalone customer then you can not use or Workloads Add-on. 
  5. How do I set-up Workloads? Follow the step-by-step instructions we have published for you - it's pretty easy, it won't take you more than 10 mins!
  6. Can I reassign a workload to a different quality analyst?Nope, once you've assigned a workload to an analyst then he/she should finish it. 
  7. Why didn't the workload assign the number of evaluations I configured?availability may occur because:- not enough interactions for the selected team members (team member without assigned interactions or enough assigned interactions (team member left, on vacation, - filters: if the time range is to shortfilter is to complex (very sporadic tickets)i.e: 2 evaluations per user but one only has 1- automatic reseting that may affect the number of assignations - either for less or more evaluations depending on: if a team member left or a team member arrived
  8. Why didn't new workloads trigger?This happens if there were no interactions for any of the agents assigned to the Workload for the same different reasons explained above. 
  9. Why am I seeing a "pending" assignment status?This happens when the system doesn't find any evaluations to assign. Re-assigning will happen every 4 hours only 4 times per workload (first attempt will happen at 12AM - based on your General Time Zone, and last one at 12PM). After 4 tries without finding evaluations, the workload's status will show "failed". In this case you'll have to wait until the next workload reset (next Monday). 
  10. Where can I see the amount of assignment attempts?You can see them by clicking on the workload's status, which will show the workload's log. 
  11. Do the workloads created renew automatically? Yeap, a workload resets automatically week-over-week. FYI - If edits are made to a workload, interaction assignments will be reflected at the start of the next week.
  12. Can you set the criteria for the interactions that the workload will take into consideration?Most definitely, you can select the filters to be used to determine the source or type of interactions to be assigned in a workload. FYI - Only one filter can be set for each workload.
  13. Can I assign Monthly, bi-weekly or daily workloads?You can assign weekly workloads only. 
  14. Does Workloads Add-on have the option to skip an interaction? Yes it does, it actually has some cool skipping properties
  15. Can an Admin or Super Admin view the tickets assigned to their QAs?Yeap, and not only that, this type of users have different views/reports they can manage. 
  16. Can the QAs get notifications on the remaining time left to complete an assignment? Nope, we don't currently have this option. 
  17. Is there a report where I can see the real-time progress of a workload? Yes, it is called the QA analysts productivity report

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Last Edited: 01.03.19

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