We pay special attention to small details as part of our improvement process. We’re happy to share with you: Feature Enhancements!  Live on Thursday, June 7,  2018.

Check out these helpful enhancements to already released platform features:


  • Agent name on a calibration summary: Useful where multiple agents handle an interaction used for a calibration session. You now see which agent is the focus of the calibration. 


  • Edit course content inside learning sessions: Capability to edit specific course content attached to learning sessions. Useful for updating frequently used, repeating Sessions to eliminate the need to create a new Session every time.
  • Easily reset quizzes: Reset an agent’s quiz right from the learning session edit function on the main dashboard. 


  • Ability to filter multiple coaching types: Now you can filter by multiple coaching types for one report.
  • Search coaching categories and templates: Allows users to search by title or description on categories and templates.
  • Agents not coached list: Now you're able to view a list of agents across your teams who have not been coached.


  • We added a detailed explanation of how performance points are calculated. 

User Management

  • We now support special characters for first and last names.
  • We’ve removed the year from Birthday for security purposes (data privacy).

We hope you like all the enhancements! Feel free to reach out to us in case you have any further questions or feedback.

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