Quality Management Features

New Scorecard Builder Tools:  We redesigned the way you create scorecards

  • Now you can either create a scorecard from scratch or start with a template.
  • Scorecard Templates: We have designed different scorecard templates for email, phone, and chat interactions;
  • Scorecard previews: You can now preview a scorecard during the design phase.  You don’t have to start an evaluation to view a card.
  • Editing tools. We have added tools that let you format your scorecard questions.  Drag and drop questions, sections, and more.

We improved reporting:

  • Team-based reports:   If you’d like to view reports from specific teams, PlayVox allows you to do so. Let’s say for instance that you have 5 different teams, if you’d only like to view overall reports for team 1 and team 3, you can now do so.

New Calibration Feature:

  • We have created a new Calibration feature that will allow you to calibrate the way your QA analyst evaluate.


Coaching Tools

You can now easily identify coaching sessions:

  • Every coaching session now has a unique reference number for search and tracking.
  • Coaching topics: You can now archive coaching topics. Sessions associated with those archived topics are still accessible.  


Performance Management

  View performance in a whole new way:

  • We have created a new “Ranking by Performance” feature.  PlayVox now has “Ranking by Score” and “Ranking by Performance Points” at the agent level view for manager and agent dashboards.
  • We have added an option that allows you to either share your team’s top 10 ranking or share all of your team’s rankings.


Community Wall

We have created two new community features:      

  • We have added a new “Shared Notes” feature where you can post important information you’d like to share with everyone in the community.   It will be displayed in the right column of everyone’s community homepage.
  • We have created a new widget where everyone can view your team’s birthday dates.



New integrations with Intercom and RingCentral:

  • You can now import your RingCentral calls and Intercom conversations to evaluate the quality of customer interactions.

Enhancements of our Zendesk integration:

  • For the Quality application, you are now able to filter your customer interactions using several new variables:
  • Custom fields
  • Call durations
  • Key performance indicators such as resolution time, reply time, among others.
  • Tickets by the date they were solved or by a range of dates when the tickets were resolved.
  • When you evaluate a ticket, you can now choose to view the date and time the ticket was created, the date and time it was resolved, or the current evaluation date.  
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