We’re happy to announce our first PlayVox release of the year. 

Our team has been working on new features and improvements to the platform that we are excited to finally share with you!

What's new?

Team and User Management

  • Multiple Team Leaders: You can now assign up to 3 different team leaders to one team.  Assign additional team leaders as back up leads or add managers who manage multiple teams to receive notifications and reports on teams and team members.
  • User Management Log: PlayVox now tracks and provides information regarding updates or changes to user status, account activations and deactivations.
  • User Custom Fields: You can now add custom fields to all PlayVox users. Create custom fields with custom drop down categories. Useful for business assignments such as geographic locations, billing codes, tenure, etc.  


  • Quick Filters: We have added a new feature that lets you create quick integration filters in your interactions tab.
  • Public and Private Filters: Quality analysts can now create private filters, only visible to them.   


Important note to administrators: Several enhancements have been added to the workflow process to create new performance campaigns. These are designed to simplify the
process. Please refer to the administrator user documentation (available on January the 25th) for updated explanations when building new Performance campaigns. Existing Performance campaigns will be unaffected by these new workflow changes.  

  • Upload Campaign data without the use of an FTP software: Users are now able to upload campaign files without the use of a third party application such as FileZilla.  
  • Template files for mapping campaigns: Performance users will now be able to generate and download templates to upload their campaigns KPIs in an easier and faster way. You can replace the template information with real data and upload it to PlayVox once again.  
  • Edit Campaigns after they go live: PlayVox now offers the capability to add or remove KPIs after the campaigns have been published or shared with other users. 
  • Campaign Status: You can now decide whether to share your campaigns by modifying its status to visible or non visible. A non visible campaign will still be visible to Administrators, Super Administrators and Team Leaders.

Learning Features

  • Filter by Learning Tags: Filter by tags in your library to search for specific Learning sessions.  
  • Hide or show correct answers for quizzes: This feature allows you to either display or hide the right answers of a quiz after a user submits their response.  
  • Learning Session participants: Learning session creators can now attend the sessions they create.   
  • Archive sessions: You can now archive Learning Sessions.  


  • Coaching sessions for Team Leaders and Administrators:PlayVox now allows you to invite Team Leaders and Administrators to participate in coaching sessions. 

If you’d like to acquire the PlayVox Performance, Learning or Coaching features please contact your customer success manager.


  • Creation date on uploaded audio files: With this feature you can now add a creation date variable in the mapping file. 
  • FTP Connector within your integrations: We have simplified the way you can create an FTP connector, by removing the existing file validation step. 

We hope you like all the enhancements and new creations! Feel free to reach out to us in case you have any further questions or feedback.

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