We are excited to tell you about new features and enhancements to the PlayVox platform. 

Let's see what is new:

Find (now called Interactions)

  • We have created a new dashboard layout to view and find all your customer interactions in one place. 
  • All interactions are displayed on the same home page with their current status. Even interactions that have already been evaluated.
  • You can now evaluate an interaction that’s already been evaluated by other analysts. And see the historic data of all analysts that have evaluated an interaction. 
  • When evaluating, you can now switch to a Manual Mode. Which means that you can evaluate an agent without selecting an interaction. 
  • Now, all Quality Analysts in PlayVox can create or edit filters to find interactions.


You can now edit the following fields of a scorecard that has already been used in evaluations:

  • Section name
  • Question
  • Question description
  • Answer texts
  • Custom field texts
  • Add or remove answers to the Multiple or Single custom fields


  • We added a new Evaluations tab, where you can find evaluations by using advanced filters such as a scorecard custom field value. You can also search evaluations across all your scorecards within this same dashboard. 
  • You can now save unfinished evaluations as drafts, to finish them later on.


  • We improved the layout of our calibration dashboard. View all your Quality Analyst calibration results in one place.
  • View the status of each participant’s evaluations from the dashboard.  No waiting until all the participants have completed their evaluations.
  • Experts can now edit their own answers if needed. 
  • You can now delete participants from a calibration process. As well as allow all participants to leave comments or feedback in a session. 


  • You can now view an average of all scorecard scores per agent. For each agent and by teams as well. 
  • Within the Results by Agent report, you can now view the list of agents that have not been evaluated. 
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