The PlayVox team has been working on new features and enhancements to the platform that we are excited to finally share with you! 

So... What's new?


  • We have a new integration with Zendesk Chat, formerly called Zopim, to automatically pull customer Zendesk Chat interactions and present them to analysts.
  • Before sending evaluation results you are now able to notify other Quality Analysts or collaborators vie email to interact in your evaluation comments. 
  • You can now generate two new reports: “Coachings by QA Agents” where you can view associated Coachings to specific agent evaluations and “Coachings by QA Section” where you can view all the Coaching Sessions that are related to a scorecard section and specific Quality evaluations. These reports are only available for our Professional Plan users.

Coachings by QA Agents:

Coachings by QA Sections:


We have made severall improvements to our Learning feature, to improve navigation and offer a better user experience we hope you enjoy! 

  • Easier Course creation process: You can now create new Courses, Lessons and Quizzes in the same section.
  • Create Public Learning Sessions, where all agents can view content and self-enroll in a Session without an invitation.
  • You can now reset Quizzes directly from the Learning reports tool. 
  • Create Learning Sessions with deadlines. The Learning content will still be available after the deadline is passed, but participants will not be able to take the quizzes that belong to the Session. 

If you don't have Learning and want to activate it for your PlayVox account please can contact your Customer Success Manager.

User Management

  • When you deactivate a Team Leader you can instantly choose a new Team Leader for all their associated teams. 
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