New Features:

Quality Management:

  • New option on QA reports: On the “Coaching opportunities by question” and the “Coaching opportunities by custom field” report you will be able to see the specific evaluations when clicking on a specific agent.
  • New custom search option for Quality Management: Now you have the option to find specific customer interactions by searching by Ticket #, Case Id, etc.
  • Play call recordings directly from PlayVox: If you have Zendesk, Desk or Salesforce integration you can play audio files from 3rd party phone systems by clicking on the link. This is only available for phone systems that don't require authentication to access the call recordings.
  • Show all events when evaluating a Zendesk ticket: When evaluating a Zendesk ticket you can click on a “Show all events” link to see the events and notifications that occur with each ticket update.

Coaching Tools:

  • Edit tools for feedback:  Now you can add colors and change the font size on coaching forms to emphasize points and feedback.  

New Integrations:

  • Integrations with LiveChat and This integration will allow you to import all the chat sessions and cases you want to evaluate so you can see how your agents interact with your customers.  


Community Wall:

  • Community wall restructured. Recognition posts now have their own space on the community wall.  A card within the right side of the screen shows the latest recognitions posted by teammates.   This eliminates the issue of recognitions displacing other posts. Other community wall enhancements planned for future releases.

Performance Management:

  • Edit KPIs after activating a performance campaign:  Administrators can now edit KPI formulas and attributes of active campaigns. No need to clone a campaign. This supports continuity of historical data associated with a campaign.
  • Delete KPIs if campaigns are deleted: Now you can delete KPIs no longer used in campaigns that are deleted.
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