PlayVox provides a lightweight knowledge database as an added resource within our Learning Application.  This knowledge database is a simple file-based structure used as a library of quick reference documents for service agents.  

System Administrators and Team Leaders can add content to the knowledge database.  Agents can only search and access the content as reference material.  
This document describes how to create content within the Knowledge Database.

First, a couple of definitions:

Notebooks are file folders. A way to organize files within topics or categories. Notebooks consist of Notes. 

Notes are files uploaded to the PlayVox platform.  Most standard file formats are supported and can be uploaded including static files such as PPT and PDFs, audio files, or video files.  

Building a knowledge database

Access the knowledge database through the submenu bar under Learning.  Initially, there will be no Notebooks or Notes in the database.  Here is an example with two Notebooks already created.

From this screen you can add, create, new Notebooks or edit existing Notebooks.  To create a new Notebook, click on the green '+' symbol.  A pop-up window will appear. Provide a Title and Description and click Save.

Create as many Notebooks by topic or category to use as the filing structure for your database.

In order to add Notes, or files, to your Notebook, click on the Notes button in the list of Notebooks. You will be prompted to click on the Create your first Note button, 

or click on the green '+' button to add a new Note to an existing set of Notes.   

You  will be presented with a window to create a Note as shown below.  Provide a title and describe the note.

Provide free-form content in the Content window and/or add a file.  You can also add Tags that can be searched against.

Agents can use the search function to quickly access specific Notes.

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