Playvox knows you know what's best for your business. That's why we offer two different ways to integrate with Zendesk: Batch Mode and On-Demand Mode. Although our platform uses Batch Mode by default, remember that you can always request your integration to be set to on-demand mode. Simply let your CSM know, and they’ll make it happen!

What's the difference, between Batch Mode and On-Demand Mode?

Batch Mode

Batch mode allows a wider range of filters, including advanced/customized filters based on a ticket’s Metadata. We retrieve and store Metadata for use only within our platform and use it to build filters as well as their resulting ticket list.

Important: If you have sensitive metadata you don’t want Playvox to store, please contact your CSM and request for it not to be saved.

Remember, in-depth ticket details are only retrieved on-demand when you explore them within our platform - they are never stored on our end.

API consumption for Batch Mode:

*Audit: When a ticket is updated in Zendesk Support, an audit is stored. Each audit represents a single update to the ticket. An update can consist of one or more events.

On-Demand Mode

On the other hand, on-demand mode has a limited number of filters (basic filters). It also consumes fewer API requests than batch mode. With this option you can filter tickets by:

  • Subject

  • Description

  • Ticket_type

  • Status

  • Priority

  • Group

  • Tags

  • Satisfaction

  • Via

Note: You may now filter by Whatsapp in the Via field!


Data is transmitted using encrypted TLSv1.2 over HTTPS and data at rest is kept encrypted using industry standard AES-256 on EBS Volumes in Amazon Web Services (AWS) facilities in the USA.

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