Remember there are a few important requirements to properly set up PlayVox. Please make sure you understand them all.

About the Integrations you might be wondering...

  1. How long does it take to set up an integration? It only takes a few clicks to get set up. 

  2. What permissions/credentials are required to set up the integrations? It varies according to each vendor so it is important for you to check the requirements prior to beginning the integration process. 

  3. Does PlayVox save or edit any kind of information that resides on the integrated CRM/help desk/communications platform? Absolutely not! Never ever!

  4. Does PlayVox save customer interactions, communications, tickets, etc.? No, we don’t, we fetch them on demand for review purposes. 

  5. What security does PlayVox implement for the processed data? It is transmitted using encrypted TLSv1.2 over HTTPS and data at rest is kept encrypted using industry standard AES-256 on EBS Volumes in Amazon Web Services (AWS) facilities in the USA.

  6. Can I have multiple accounts from the same integration in a single PlayVox site? Not at this time, although we are currently working to be able to do so. Stay tuned for more updates about it!

  7. Is PlayVox embedded within the integrated CRM/help desk? No it’s not, it is an external complementary tool for your CRM/help desk. 

  8. Is PlayVox an add-on for my CRM/help desk? Nope, it is a parallel tool that enhances your CRM/help desk.

  9. Am I allowed to have multiple third-party vendor integrations? It all depends on your billing plan. You should check which plan you’ve acquired and the number of integrations allowed with it. 

  10. Can I import users from the integrated tool to PlayVox? Yes, you can.

  11. Are integrations bi-directional? They are definitely uni-directional, we only consult information on demand and do not send anything to your CRM/help desk. 

  12. What if the integration I need is not listed? Well, you can let us know ( what you’re looking for and we will analyze its impact on our roadmap to see if it would be viable to include for the future. Just bear in mind it is a very detailed and thorough process and we can not commit to it happening or when. 

  13. What if I have a blacklist of IP addresses? If you use IP address restrictions within your CRM/Help desk then you might want to ask your PLayVox’s AE (Account Executive) or CSM (Customer Success Manager) for PlayVox’s IPs so you can make sure they are whitelisted.

  14. What is the API consumption for the integrations? API consumption depends on each integration. 

Do you have any additional questions? Just let us know… you can either leave a comment, ask on our chat or contact your AE/CSM directly. 

PlayVox is highly compromised with data protection and data privacy. If you’d like to, you can read our privacy policies.

Last Edited: 08.13.19

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