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What is FTP? 

File Transfer Protocol is a very convenient way to move/transfer files between computers. FTP is commonly used to transfer files "behind the scenes" for applications.

Therefore, an FTP Audio Connector is designed to transfer, exclusively, audio files. Playvox's FTP Audio Connector only supports:

  • *.mp3

  • *.wav

What does Playvox use FTP Audio Connectors for?

We use them to allow our customers to upload their call recordings needed to carry out quality evaluations. 

It's IMPORTANT to clarify that FTP Audio Connectors can also be used as standalone or while having other integrations as well.

Getting started with the FTP Audio Connector (Step by Step)

  1. Ask your AE or CSM for the connector, Playvox will set it up for you.

  2. You will get an email with the credentials (Host:port, User, Password, Path, and File name convention) needed to begin uploading the data to the FTP server of your choice.

About the FTP Audio file name convention:

  • When setting up an FTP audio connector you can map the desired variables in the way in which you'd like the structure of your file to be.

  • All calls (audio files) must always have the same structure. 

  • Delimiter: you can chose any delimiter you’d like (space, underscore, slash, etc.).

  • Date: We strongly suggest you using the "timestamp" format, but if desired you can also use "Date Time" format. 

  • Custom Fields: you can have different custom fields to meet your needs, just remember each custom field must be separated by the delimiter of your choice. 

About FTP Audio Filename Filtering Options: 

In this case, custom fields help create more robust filters for the customer interactions, it all depends on what you need and want. For instance, you could organize calls by teams without having them in different folders. 

Have in mind that there is a character limit for the entire filename: it should be max. up to 256 characters, this will determine how many custom fields you can have per filename. 

Playvox's FTP Audio Log

For administrator's convenience, Playvox provides an Audio FTP file upload log. This log provides a historical record of file uploads and completions.

To access the Audio FTP log: access the integrations settings tab > look for ftp-audio and click on actions > then  click on audio log 

File uploads will be displayed.

When looking for a file’s name you can search it by typing any word contained in the file’s name - you don’t have to type-in exactly the entire name.

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Last Edited: 12.06.20

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