Building Courses in PlayVox's Learning Module

Before you can enroll an employee in a Learning Session, there must be a Course or library of Courses that you can add to a Session. So, the first step in the process is to build a Course with Lessons and Quizzes. Let's go through the simple set of steps: 

1. Click on Learning in the main navigation bar. The landing page will be the Sessions dashboard > Click on Library to build a first or new Course. FYI - Available Courses are displayed here.

2. Click on the blue Actions button to the right > Select Create a new course.

As you'll see, you will be prompted to provide a description and set features for this course, as well as create and add Lessons and lesson content for this course. Finally, you will create quizzes associated with each Lesson. 

3. Begin by providing a Course name. This name will be displayed in dashboards.  

4. Then click on the Settings gear beneath the Course title.

5. Continue through the process of setting Course features under the Settings gear. 

6. Before finishing you can preview your course to detect any changes you might want to do. To do so, click the "Actions" button > select Preview course. A new window will open and will show the general course structure. You can click on "Quiz preview" to see its details. 

7. In the editing window, when finished, click the green Save button, bottom right corner.

You've successfully created a Course, kudos! 🎉

Editing and deleting a Course in PlayVox's Learning Module

It's just plain and simple:

  • Editing: to edit a course, simply click on it in the Library and start editing - changes will be auto-saved. To go back to the library or to finish editing, click on "Back".

  • Deleting: to delete a course, in the Library click on it and in the "Actions" blue button select "Delete course".

So now that you know the basics about creating, editing and deleting a course, you should learn about Managing Learning Categories. 

But, if you'd like to skip it for know and learn more about our Learning Module, here are some highly recommended articles:

Last Edited: 01.29.2019

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