As a last step to having a Lesson as active, you must create a Quiz. 

A Lesson must have a Quiz associated with it.

If you prefer not to test or quiz enrollees on the content, we suggest you create a quiz with one question. It may be as simple as "Did you learn something from this Lesson, Yes/No".  

FYI - If a Lesson does not have a Quiz created as part of it, an exclamation mark will appear within the Lesson bar. A Lesson cannot be published without a Quiz, which should at least have one question.

Build your Lessons' Quiz

Follow this quick and easy steps to create your very own-tailored quizzes:

1. Click on the Quiz button within the Lesson bar. The first-time options will be to start a new quiz or import an existing quiz. Lets focus first on starting a new quiz.

2. Click on start a new quiz to begin. You will be presented with question type options for a first question.

Question format options for Quizzes are:

-  Single Choice

- Multiple Choice

  • Fill in the blanks

3. Click Save after you've finished creating the question. PlayVox scrambles the correct and wrong answers.

4. To add another question, click the +Add new question button. You can add as many questions to a quiz as you choose. Remember to click Save every time you finish a question.

5. You can weight the scoring of each question. To do so, click on the % field to the right of the edit function > Type in the desired % weighting.
PlayVox will handle on the scoring calculations. The weighted percentages for all questions must equal 100.
You can also choose to Set default values to equalize the weightings across all questions.

6. Finally, if the timer option is selected under Settings, you will be prompted here to set the minutes or seconds for time out for each question.

You now know how to create Quizzes!📝

Editing a Quiz in PlayVox's Learning Module

To edit a previously created quiz, simply select the desired quiz > click on "Edit" in the question you want to edit. You can choose to delete the question itself by clicking on the red "Delete" button. 

Now that you have created and edited a quiz, let's go on and show you how to Copy and organizing Quizzes

Our Learning Module has so much to offer! You might want to keep on learning about it: 

Last Edited: 01.30.2019

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