Inviting or enrolling employees into a Learning Session is a simple process. 

Click on Learning in the main navigation bar. The default landing page is Sessions. This is a list view that defaults to All sessions.  

From here you can manage existing Sessions and create new Sessions.

You also have the option of displaying Sessions created by yourself, or that you have been enrolled in (invited to) or have public access to as a Trainee.

Let's Begin by creating a new Session

It's simple to create a new Learning Session.

1. Click on Create a new session. Set the features required such as Deadline, Add Courses to be used, and select agents to enroll in the Session. Let's do this.  

1.1 Name the Session.
1.2 Set de Deadline

- Sessions can be assigned deadlines or no deadline. Typically, a Session has a deadline and PlayVox tracks progress against deadline. But one is not required.
- Enrollees will be able to access a Session after the deadline has passed but they will not be able to take the Quiz and complete the Session.
- If you prefer a Session to remain open to anyone to self-enroll, do not set a deadline.

1.3 Define Privacy. 

- A session can be Public or Private.
- If a Session is set to Public (click the box for Public), anyone will be able to see and access the Session from dashboards either to view the Course content and/or to complete the Quiz.
- If not checked Public, it is tracked as a Private Session and only invited or enrolled individuals can access it. 

1.4 Next, click on the Attach courses button.

- Select Courses from the Library list. Check each box for Courses.
- Click on the left-to-right arrow button.
- Click Finish

You can add as many Courses as required.

Courses will appear in the list at the bottom of the frame. 

2. Click on Step 2 to continue the process.

Enrolling Individuals into a Learning Session

Next, enroll individuals into the Session. 

👁️‍🗨️ You can also enroll yourself as a Session creator. 

3. Check the box of individuals you wish to invite.
3.1 Click the left-to-right arrow button to create an Enroll list.
Individuals will receive an enrollment invitation through the PlayVox notifications icon on their dashboard and through email.

✅ By clicking on More select options, you may select a Team already created on PlayVox, or import a list of users. Click on the Teams tab and select a Team already created on PlayVox.  All the members of that Team will be checked in the list.

Or click on CSV or Excel to import names to be enrolled. You will be asked to attach a file with the enrollee names. These names will be of users already on the PlayVox platform. 

The import function is simply a convenience for enrolling large numbers of people from the user list. Uploading a list will only check the boxes for those names in the left hand column list.

For formatting purposes, you can download a file example by clicking on the CSV or Excel links. 

4. Finally, click on the left-to-right arrow to move everyone to the right column of selected enrollees. And click Finish.

PlayVox will track Sessions in progress and reports on individual progress, quiz scores, and other stats. 

Explore the reports section for more information. 

🔎 You can view Sessions from the main Sessions dashboard or from the Reports dashboards.

Go on and start spreading knowledge to your team!

Just as you'll start sharing knowledge, so do we about our Learning Module...

Last Edited: 01.31.2019

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