PlayVox's Learning Module is an important part of our software. Along with coaching, the Learning Module allows our customers to quickly improve upon quality and performance issues.  

Training Managers (PlayVox Administrators and Team Leaders) can create courses and course content, enroll or invite employees to take sessions, and review progress and test results of employees. 

PlayVox's Learning Module uses a file-based learning system. This allows you to easily leverage content already in existence within your company. 

Here, some important definitions:

  • Library is the place where courses are maintained and kept accessible to Training Managers (Administrators and Team Leaders).  

  • Sessions Backlog is the module's tab where public and private Sessions are maintained and available to employee.

  • Sessions. Employees are invited to, Enrolled into, Sessions. Think of Sessions as the method to invite employees to take a Course or set of Courses. A Session consists of one or more Courses that you create. In the image above it corresponds to the first column.   

  • Courses are a way to manage learning content. Think of Courses as the containers for content. Courses consist of one or more Lessons. 

  • Lessons consist of files that you upload and attach to them. You can upload any type of file including static ppt or pdf files, audio files, and video files. You can also embed links to more interactive learning applications if available.

  • Quizzes are associated to Lessons. An employee reviews/studies Lesson content (files) and takes a Quiz. Training Managers create Quizzes at the time of creating Lessons.

In other words, this is how our Learning Module is structured:

Now, let's get to it, let's start creating a course

Hey, but just in case you like to know more about our Learning Module:

Last Edited: 01.29.2019

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