After creating a course, you can check the Library to see all previously created courses. 

  • By using the "Search courses by" option, you can filter coursers and see all of them,  those created only by you, or Drafts. 

Only Trainers (Administrators and Team Leaders) have access to the Library of Courses. Agents only have access to the Sessions backlog.  

  • You  also have the option of organizing and searching the library by Categories of Learning topics.  Categories are exposed in the drop down menu.  

  • New Categories for the drop down menu can be created under the Platform Administrator Gear in the upper right corner of the dashboard. Click on the Gear icon > Click on Learning > Click on Categories > Click on the green Plus symbol to create a new Category.

Here a little step by step on how to manage Learning Categories:

  • You can search the library by key word tags. Tags are assigned at the time of creating a course. 

  • While in the Library, you'll see that courses have a "History" button, by clicking it a pop-up window will open and show the backlog of any changes made to the course and who made them.

Now that you know how to create, edit and delete a course, let's continue with Creating a Lesson.

We do have more on our Learning Module:

Last Edited: 01.29.2019

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