Copying a Quiz in PlayVox's Learning Module

You can definitely include existing Quizzes into a Lesson, to do so:

1. Click on the "Copy an existing one" to import an entire quiz from another lesson. Once imported, you can edit each of the questions, or even delete the one you don't need. 

2. In the search option that appears, type in the name of the lesson where the desired quiz is, or scroll through the library of choices to find it > click on the Lesson/Quiz to be copied.

The questions and answers for that quiz will appear to the right within a Preview window. 

3. Verify that this is the content you wish to copy. Click on the green Copy button in the bottom right corner of the screen. 

The new Quiz will appear in the Lesson list in the left column.

Organizing your quiz to meet your needs.

Lets say you need to change the order of the questions in a quiz, then all you need to do is click on the dots next to the question and keep them pressed while dragging the question to the position you want, like so:

Congratulations! If you've got this far, it means you have built a Course (Lessons and quizzes) and know how to manage it.

Next step is inviting employees to take it as a Session.  

Thinking of mastering out Learning Module? well, here are some articles that will get you there: 

Last Edited: 01.31.2019

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