Cloning Scorecards 

Rather than recreating every scorecard, you can copy, or clone, an existing scorecard as a starting point and rename / edit the new card. You can clone a scorecard by selecting the cloning icon below the scorecard square.

Scorecards' Custom Fields

The custom field feature allows you to capture information on the scorecard without having it affect the scoring of the questions. You can add one or more custom fields to the Settings Header section of the card or within each section for the scoring questions of the card.

In the main Settings section, click on the +Add custom fields button. You can add as many custom fields to a section that you choose. 

Click on Custom field 1 to rename the field. The name you provide will be displayed on the Scorecard. Next, click on Text. 

You have several options for the type of information you can capture and how.

  • Text: Allows for free-form text to be provided.  Typically meant for short text responses.

  • Large text:  Also allows for free-form text to be provided. Typically, meant for longer, descriptive responses.

  • Multiple choice: Allows you to create a list of choices. Only one answer can be selected.

  • Checkboxes: Allows you to create a list of choices. More than one answer can be checked.

  • Date: Allows you to enter a date.  Presents a calendar to the evaluator to select a date.

  • KPI: Allows you to manually enter data that will be calculated as a sum or average by PlayVox over multiple evaluations for a specific scorecard and individual. Typically used to capture and present other KPI performance, CSAT, or quality data for comparison purposes to the quality score for a single evaluation. Choose KPI from the drop down menu. Choose between Sum or Average to indicate how you would like the value to be calculated across multiple entries. 

       Note: The KPI custom field is only available in the Settings Header section, and not for the Question sections.

You will have the option to mark custom fields as required.

Analyst Scorecard View

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Last Updated: 21.03.19

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