Whenever you create a Playvox role, you will be asked to include one or more modules to which those assigned to the role can access.

When you assign a module to a role, everyone who is assigned to the role has a default set of permissions. You can change the set of permissions granted for this role without impacting the permissions granted to others not in the role for the specific module.

More specifically, changing the permission set granted to those assigned to Role A with access to the Quality module does not affect the permission set granted to those assigned to Role B with access to the same module.

Modifying Module Permissions for a Given Role

1. Log into Playvox.

2. In the top right-hand corner of your Playvox Dashboard, click on the Settings ⚙ icon. When you do this, a drop-down menu appears. Click Roles Management.

Find the row corresponding to the Role you wish to modify. In its Access column, click on the module whose permission set you want to change.

Module Permissions

For detailed information about the permissions settings for each module, see:

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Last Edited: 05.29.2019

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