Playvox offers enterprise customers multi-site authentication, which means that super admin users need to provide their credentials just once to access two or more Playvox sites to which they have access. Previously, such users needed to provide their credentials every time they switched between Playvox sites.

With the new multi-site authentication feature, super admin users need to provide their credentials to access their first site. Upon navigating to another site for which they have access, Playvox will apply the provided credentials, negating the need for the user to sign in again.

To navigate between Playvox sites to which you have access, you can use the downward-pointing arrow located immediately to the right of the Playvox logo on your Dashboard. 

To switch between different Playvox sites, click the site to which you want to go.

Note: You must have a user account for a specific site. Otherwise, you will not be able to access the site, even if it is listed as available to you.

Whenever you use the multi-site authentication feature to access different sites, Playvox will take the credentials you provided for your current site and apply them to the site you request to grant you access. If, however, you attempt to access a site for which you do not have a user or do not have access, you will be redirected to the login screen that indicates such.

Using this login screen, you can provide an alternate set of credentials to gain access to the desired Playvox site.

Learn more about Playvox's users roles.

Last Edited: 07.10.2019

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