Playvox offers you the ability to allow peer reviews, where individual agents can be granted the necessary permissions to evaluate interactions involving other agents. Agents assigned to such reviews can provide feedback to their peers, which allows an additional option when scaling your quality assurance process.

Enabling Permissions for Peer Reviews

Setting Playvox up to allow peer reviews requires you to modify an agent’s permissions accordingly. In this article, we will show you how to do this.

Sign in to Playvox using the desired admin or super admin account. In the top-right corner, click Settings ⚙️.

When the drop-down menu that appears, click Roles Management. 

You will then be redirected to a full listing of the roles you’ve created. You can either create a new Agent role or work with an existing Agent role.

Note that if you use an existing role, instead of creating a new role, you’ll be adding permissions to those already assigned to users with that role.

Creating a New Agent Role

If you choose to create a new role for use with peer reviews, start by clicking ➕ Create at the top right of the Roles Management screen. This will launch the roles creation screen.

Provide a name for your role, and set the field labeled Select a default role to start to Agent.

Click Accept to proceed.

At this point, you will be redirected to the screen where you can modify the default set of permissions for this role. To set up permissions for Peer Reviews, you’ll be changing the settings listed under Quality.

To allow users to perform peer evaluations, you will need to adjust the Evaluation Permissions.

The primary setting you need to be concerned with is Gives access to viewing Evaluations. You can opt to set this to either View all evaluations or View only own evaluations.

Additional Permissions

In addition to adjusting the Evaluation Permissions settings, you will be able to grant the agents responsible for peer reviews additional permissions for things like viewing reports, managing filters, and so on. For a full list of permissions that you can set, please see Quality Module Permissions Settings.

When done, click Save.

Assigning Users to Your New Agent Role

After you have created your new role, you’ll need to assign users to the role. To do so, go to Settings ⚙️ > User Management.

Find the user whose roles you want to adjust, and click the Edit button next to their name.

At the bottom of the page, change the user’s Role. When done, click Save to proceed.

Performing Peer Reviews

At this point, the agents who will be performing peer evaluations have all the permissions they need to begin when they next log in. They will be able to create and perform evaluations, including starting them from an existing interaction logged in Playvox.

How to Automatically Assign Agents to Peer Review Interactions

If you use Playvox’s workload feature, you can automatically assign Agents with sufficient peer review privileges to evaluate interactions.

You can find all automation features under Quality > Workloads. Setting up a workload requires three steps, and during the second step, you will select your analyst(s) and define the analysts’ workload. Agents with the ability to perform peer reviews will appear in this list for you to choose.

Please note that once you have selected the analyst and assigned their workload, they will be randomly assigned enough interactions to meet their weekly assignation.

Last Edited: 08.14.2019

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