For example, you might want to send your Playvox data, regardless of which module it comes from, to the business intelligence tool of choice.

If you have a subscription that includes API access, you can call the API on-demand using the appropriate credentials. These exist as User ID and API Key pairs. Playvox offers a self-service API keys management process that allows you to generate the keys you need, modifying existing keys, and revoke keys to terminate access.

Please see Playvox Developers for full documentation on the Playvox API.

Note: If you have existing Playvox API keys, your credentials will continue working as usual. The key management feature will not affect your keys, but you will have additional control and security over access to your API.

Setting Permissions to Manage API Keys in Playvox

By default, all Super Admin users (except those who have the Starter plan) have the right to manage API keys in Playvox. Though we recommend keeping this ability limited to just a few users, you can choose to assign the same management privileges to users with other roles.

You can find a list of your Playvox API keys by going to Settings > API Keys. This area is also where you can create new API keys, edit existing keys, and revoke a key so that it can no longer be used.

Assigning API Key Management Permissions to Specific Roles

After logging in to Playvox using an account with the appropriate permissions, you can find the API keys management features by going to 

Identify the role for which you want to assign API key management privileges. Click on the Essentials icon associated with that role.

Scroll down to the API Keys Permissions section, and check the box next to Grant access to API keys generation.

When done, click Save to persist your changes.

Viewing Your API Keys

You can see all of the API keys that have been created for your Playvox account by going to Settings > API Keys.

This brings you to a landing page featuring all of the API keys that have been created for your account.

Creating a New API Key

To create a new API key, go to Settings > API Keys. In the top right-hand corner of the landing page, click Create API Key. You will then see a pop-up that asks you to provide a name for your key.

Provide your desired value and click Save. Playvox will automatically create your key and display all relevant details to you. Note that all of the new API keys you create will inherit the user role’s permissions.

Editing an Existing API Key

You can edit an existing API key’s name. To do so, go to Settings > API Keys. On the API Keys landing page, identify the API key that you want to edit. Click on its Edit icon to launch the editing page.

Provide a new name for your API key, and click Save.

Revoking an API Key

Revoking an API key renders it unusable, so take care to do this only if you are certain that you will no longer need the key again.

To revoke an API key, go to Settings > API Keys. On the API Keys landing page, identify the API key that you want to be revoked. Click on its Revoke button. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to revoke the token:

To continue, click Yes, revoke API key.

Once you revoke an API key, the credentials can no longer be used to access the Playvox API. If you do not update the credential values provided to your client applications, its API calls will fail.

Last Edited: 26.08.2019

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