By default, an agent receives notifications that an analyst has completed an evaluation on them as soon as the analyst completes and sends the evaluation. However, Playvox allows you to schedule evaluations to bypass this and only release evaluations at a predetermined date and time.

How to Schedule Evaluations

To schedule your evaluations to release at a specific date and time, log into Playvox and go to Settings > Quality.

Once the Quality settings pages loads, scroll to the Evaluation section. Near the bottom of this section, click the checkbox to enable the Allow scheduled evaluations option.

Next, set the frequency with which you want the evaluations sent, as well as the send start date and send time for the first batch to go out.

At this point, all evaluations created using this Playvox accounts will now be scheduled, not released immediately upon completion. 

To see this functionality in action, create an evaluation by going to Quality > Evaluations > Start evaluating. Alternatively, you can go to Quality > Interactions, select an interaction, and begin an evaluation for the interaction you’ve chosen.

You’ll be prompted to select the agent who should be reviewed, their team, and the scorecard to be used.

After you’ve completed the evaluation and you’re getting ready to send it, you’ll see scheduling information regarding when the evaluation should be released. The information icon tells you when the evaluations are scheduled.

When you click Send evaluation, you will see a prompt reminding you that your evaluations are scheduled. Click Got it to proceed.

At this point, you are done. Playvox will automatically release the results of the evaluation to the agent at the predetermined time, and if there are multiple releases, the user will receive a single notification via email and a single notification via Playvox.

Please note that evaluations that are scheduled do not impact analytics (e.g., reports). The results of evaluations only impact analytics once they have been released.

Viewing Scheduled Evaluations

You can see a full list of evaluations available in your Playvox account by going to Quality > Evaluations. You can filter for those with a status of Scheduled.

You can see the details for the evaluations to be released, including the date and time when they’re scheduled to go out.

Schedule evaluation results by scorecard

After you allow schedule evaluations from Quality settings you will have access to customize the frequency of the evaluation results delivery by each scorecard.

Follow the below steps:

  1. Go to scorecards under Quality

  2. Choose a specific scorecard to edit

  3. Click on view settings inside the scorecard edition page.

  4. And will have the option to set up a different date and time for the results of the evaluations to be sent.

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Last Edited: 11.19.2020

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