Playvox allows your analysts to make changes and adjustments to your Evaluations after they have been submitted. However, there were previously no records of what the initial evaluation was like, nor what the changes that were made to the evaluation after it was submitted.

With the Quality Evaluations Logs, you now have access to information depicting what the initial evaluation was like, as well as any subsequent modifications to the evaluation.

How to View Evaluations Logs

Before you can view your Evaluations Logs, you must have a submitted evaluation to which you can make changes.

Once you have logged into Playvox, go to Quality > Evaluations.

Find the evaluation that you want to change and click its associated View button to open it up.

Once the evaluation opens up, go to Actions > Edit in the top right.

The Edit View of the Evaluation opens up. Any changes made to the evaluation at this point will be logged (e.g., changing the date, adding feedback, etcetera). For the purposes of this example, we will simply change the date on which the Evaluation was submitted.

When done, click Send Evaluation. You will be redirected out of the Edit View.

At this point, there is a log of these changes. You can access these by going to 

This launches a pop-up window with the requested log information.

You will have the following information for each change:

  • The date and time of the change

  • The name of the person who made the change

  • A log entry detailing what was changed

The following types of changes are logged:

  • Changes to the responses of the evaluations

  • Changes to the values in custom fields

  • Changes to the custom feedback options

  • Changes in the number of the interaction

  • Changes to the comments for a specific section or a specific question

  • Changes to the evaluation date

  • Changes to the name of the evaluators

  • Changes in the user(s) to notify

  • If/when the user signs the evaluations

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Last Edited: 09.29.2019

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