Playvox’s Quality module ships with the Error Trend by Question report, which allows you to look at error trends at a granular level (for example, you can get in-depth information at the question level, not just at the scorecard section level).

You can find the reporting and charts features by logging into your Playvox account and going to

Scroll down to the list of Scorecards to which you have access. The Trend by Section Reports are based on your Scorecards.

Find the Scorecard for which you want charted and click on its name. This will take you to the area where you can create charts and reports for the scorecard.

Under Select report, choose Errors trends by question.

At this point, Playvox will create and display the requested graph.

Below the graph is a table that lists the question(s) whose data is included in the graph

You can change the scorecard section reflected in the graph, as well as the team(s) whose data is included, using the top-level toggle.

If you have an Error Trends by Section Report, you can use it to navigate to individual Error Trends by Question Reports.

Scroll to the bottom of the page, where the sections included are listed.

Click on the name of a section to generate an Error trends by question report.

Exporting Your Data

You can have Playvox create an Excel file containing your results for use in the spreadsheet software of your choice or imported into a third-party business intelligence solution. To do this, click Export located at the bottom of the screen.

Remember there's also Playvox Reports: Trend by Section.

Last Edited: 11.09.2019

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