1.Navigate to the Zendesk App Marketplace.

2. Using the provided search bar, enter Playvox. Using the left-hand navigation bar, use the Product filter to find those categorized as Support.

3. In the results that return, click Playvox App. You’ll be redirected to a page with app information, including description and installation instructions. Click Install to proceed.

4. This starts the Zendesk app installation wizard. Follow the provided installation instructions to complete the installation process.

NOTE: there are some very important aspects to take into consideration:

  • When asked for “Playvox Subdomain” make sure to copy/paste the subdomain with which you have the Zendesk-Playvox integration. 

  • When “Enabling role restrictions” in the installation process, make sure the enabled Zendesk roles match the roles synchronized in Playvox, in this way you’ll avoid any possible problems. 

  • When “Enabling group restrictions” the groups that you do not select won’t be able to access the app. 

Once the Playvox app has finished installing, you’ll see it listed under Admin Home > My Apps > Currently Installed. (Note that you must be a Zendesk Support administrator to see this information).

Know that you're all set up, how about learning how to use the App.

Last Edited: 11.19.2019

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