If you are a Zendesk Support user, you can install Playvox App (just in case you haven't already done it).

Once you’ve installed the Playvox App for Zendesk, you will see it and be able to use it as soon as you open a Zendesk Support ticket. The Playvox App is listed in the navigation bar to the right, where all installed Zendesk Marketplace applications can be found. 

Depending on your browser, you might need to authorize the opening of pop-up windows, otherwise, you won’t be able to see the reports or begin evaluations.

The Playvox App creates a two-way integration between Playvox and Zendesk. In Zendesk, you can see all of the updates made to the ticket. However, with the Playvox App, you can take action if you see something out of the ordinary (e.g., you might decide that, based on the records in Zendesk, a particular agent needs an evaluation at that point).

To do so, go to the Playvox App area, scroll to the bottom, and click Evaluate.

Doing this takes you to Playvox, where you’re logged in and able to perform an Evaluation for the interaction.

Once you are done and you have clicked Send Evaluation, you will be shown a record of the evaluation. Go to the ticket tab, and scroll to the bottom to return to the Zendesk ticket.

Once you’ve refreshed your screen, you’ll see that Zendesk updates with the results of the evaluation, as well as a link you can use to go back to Playvox to view the full details.

Information created in Playvox gets sent to Zendesk, while information in Zendesk gets pulled into Playvox. This App allows you to have the important information that you need in both places.


The Playvox App for Zendesk features metrics.

This allows agents to track their performance based on criteria like:

  • Number of evaluations

  • Overall QA score

  • Number of errors

  • Percentage of records signed

You can also see the agents’ stats for each scorecard against which they are evaluated.

To filter and change the results returned by Playvox for viewing, click Filter by to set the Date(s) that you want to limit your results by.

If you have managerial permissions over one or more teams, you can choose the Teams whose results you want returned as well. If you are not a manager, you’ll only be able to filter and show your own metrics.

Please note that, for the best performance, we recommend using Google’s Chrome web browser (the latest two versions). However, the following browsers are supported:

  • The two most recent versions of Mozilla Firefox

  • The two most recent versions of Apple Safari

  • The most recent version of Microsoft Internet Explorer (Zendesk does not support IE 11)

Last Edited: 11.19.2019

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