Playvox’s Motivation App features as feed wall, which is where users with access to the module can do things like: 

  • Ask questions

  • Share ideas

  • Offer recognition to others

  • Create polls

  • ...and more!

Furthermore, whenever users create content, they can gain karma points via Likes or recognition stars offered by other users.

The General feed wall is a publicly-accessible area. If you have access to the Motivation App, then you also have access to the feed wall. Because General is the default feed, administrators cannot edit or delete this overarching group.

Community Groups

If you want a way to share with just a select portion of the Community’s users, not the Community at large, you can do so with Community Groups. Community groups allow you to segment Playvox users and create feed walls that are private and accessible only to those with the appropriate permissions.

If you are not an administrator or the creator of a group, you must be invited to a group to become a member.

How to Create a New Group

To create a new group, log in to the Motivation App. On the homepage, you will see a section titled Groups. Click the ➕ sign to launch the Create group dialog.

You will be asked to provide the following details regarding your new group:

If you are having trouble finding the teams and/or users to add to your group, you can use the Search bar to find these entities.

When done, click Save. Playvox will create your group, and when it is ready, you will be redirected to it.

How to Manage Your Group

You can manage or make changes to your group at any time by clicking on the cog (Settings) icon located to the right of your group’s home page.

This launches the same dialog window you used when creating the group. However, you will be adjusting the settings you previously described, instead of providing new values.

How to Manage Multiple Groups

If you have sufficient privileges, you can manage all of the groups affiliated with your Motivation App. You can launch the Group Settings page via the ⚙️ icon located to the top right of the Groups section on the Community homepage.

The Group Settings page provides you with a full list of groups associated with your Motivation App. You will also see information about:

  • Who created the group

  • The number of members in the group

  • When the group was created

You may also choose to edit the group (e.g., changing its name or description or adding/removing members). To do so, click on the group’s pencil icon. This brings up the following screen:

You can also delete the group if it’s no longer needed. Please note that, once you delete the group, you will also delete and lose access to all posts and content created as part of the group. Any karma given to users will also be deleted and no longer reflected in the user counts.

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Last Edited: 11.29.2019

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