Scorecard groups are designed to help customers with COPC standard practices in place to align their Playvox implementation with it.

Create Question Groups

You can find the question groups configuration by logging into your Playvox account and going to:

Scroll down to the list of options to which you have access. Turn on the option “Enable question groups on scorecards”.

Find the tab option for Scorecard groups. This will take you to the area where you can manage the new groups for questions.

You can find a list of your Scorecard groups. This area is also where you can create, edit and delete scorecard groups. By default Customer-critical, business critical and compliance critical groups are created as COPC suggests. Though we recommend keeping this set of groups, you can manage and customize to your own business needs.

Assign Question Groups

You can see a new option to assign all the newly created groups to each question.

Select your desired value from the dropdown options to associate the questions for every group. And also, if you want you can check the group-fail checkbox (optional) to identify the answers that will impact the results for the group and give a zero for the whole group. If there is no You can check the results in the Trend by question groups report.

Evaluate Using Question Groups

Start a new evaluation and provide your desired values.

Now every question will be associated with the specific group storing information to track on reporting the score based on every different group.

Now that you have learned how to create, assign and execute questions groups, it is time to learn about Reports on Question Groups.

Last Edited: 02.10.2020

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