In this article, we will focus on the Coaching Recommendations automation feature, which identifies agents whose evaluations do not meet the minimum score set by the appropriate scorecard. Playvox will identify these agents and their evaluations and automatically flag them as candidates for further coaching.

Finding Candidates in Need of Coaching

You can get a full list of evaluations that have been completed at any time by going to Quality > Evaluations. Of particular interest to you is the Achieved column, which indicates whether the Evaluation results met the minimum standard set by the scorecard.

With the Coaching Recommendation feature enabled, any evaluation where the Achieved value is No will be flagged by Playvox as being recommended for coaching.

You can find a full list of the agents that Playvox has recommended for further coaching by going to Coaching > Recommendations. More specifically, Playvox generates recommendations based on the evaluations performed the day before where the minimum score wasn’t met.

In this view,  you will see three tabs:

  • New: Displays the agents that Playvox recommends for coaching; these items require your attention because you can choose to accept or decline Playvox’s recommendation

  • Accept: Lists the agents that Playvox has recommended for coaching and you have chosen to proceed based on the recommendation

  • Decline: Lists the agents that Playvox has recommended for coaching, but you have chosen to not proceed with the recommendation

New Recommendations

Playvox displays information about those who it has identified as needing additional coaching in tabular form. 

The list of agents includes the following information:

Acting on a Coaching Recommendation

Once Playvox has made a coaching recommendation, the recommendation can be found by going to Coaching > Recommendations. Only the Team Leaders for that agent will see the recommendations.

If the Team Leader chooses to decline the recommendation, they can do so by clicking Decline. This recommendation then moves to the Declined tab for future reference.

If, however, the Team Leader chooses to accept the recommendation, they can do so by clicking Accept. Clicking Accept launches the Coaching Form.

On the Coaching Form, you can see that some of the information is pre-filled, e.g., Coaching Type, Scorecard, and Coaching With. You will, however, be asked to provide information on:

  • The coaching topic/area for improvement

  • Feedback

  • The goal the agent should achieve after coaching

You can also attach any information that you think is relevant to the Coaching Form.

When done, click Send to send the form to the agent, alerting them that they will be participating in Coaching. You can also review a copy of the information that you sent to the agent -- you can use the link in the confirmation pop-up, or you can review this case by going to the Accept tab, where the case is now listed (instead of on New).

Agents with Multiple Team Leaders

If are multiple team leaders responsible for an agent, each will receive the Coaching Recommendation.

One of the team leaders may start the coaching process at any time using the steps outlined in the previous section.

If at a later date, another team leader tries to start the coaching process, Playvox asks if they want to start a new coaching session or if they want to join an already created one for the recommendation. 

If the team leader opts to join the existing coaching session for the recommendation, the case will get moved from the New tab to the Accept tab.

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Last Edited: 03.18.2020

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