The Playvox App for Slack allows users to receive:

  1. Notifications regarding activity that occur in the Quality application, including those regarding evaluations, workloads, calibrations, and disputes.

  2. Notifications via channels chosen during the app configuration process that the Weekly Quality Reports (which is shipped on Mondays) is ready for viewing.

Installing the Playvox App for Slack

There are three ways to install the Playvox App for Slack:

  1. Using the Slack App Directory, search for the Playvox App. Click on the app in the search results to open up its information page, and click the Add to Slack to begin the installation process. 

  2. Going to Playvox’s Integrations page. Find the box for Slack and click the Add to Slack to begin the installation process. 

  3. Going to the Settings > Integrations page after logging in to Playvox. Scroll down to Applications and click the Slack box.

Regardless of which method you choose, the following steps to complete the installation process are the same.

First, Slack will prompt you for permission to access your Playvox workspace. Click Allow to proceed.

Next, Playvox will ask you to log in to your account (if you aren’t already). Please note that the account you use must have either Admin or Super Admin privileges, otherwise Playvox does not allow you to proceed.

Then, you will be prompted to invite users that will be included in the Playvox app for Slack; the integration identifies these users based on the email addresses they use for Slack and Playvox. You can also click Manage members to manually remove any of the identified users to which you don’t want to send invitations. Click Next to proceed.

Finally, connect the Weekly Quality Report users receive on Mondays to one or more channels. Choose one or more channels from the drop-down list.

At this point, Slack finishes installing the app.

Managing Settings for the Playvox App for Slack

You can manage the settings for your Slack app by going to Settings > Integrations. You will see that there are three general settings available to you:

  • Allow direct notification to all active members: Used to enable/disable the notifications that are sent by the app.

  • Current members connected to Playvox for Slack: Shows the number of members connected via the app; can use the Manage Members option to change the members that have access.

  • Manage channel notifications: Add or remove the channels to which Playvox sends the Weekly Quality Report.

Using the Playvox App for Slack to View Quality Evaluations

Users invited to use the app will receive an email informing them of such, as well as a direct message in Slack from the app itself. At this point, the user will be notified via direct message of any activity occurring in the Quality application in which they are involved. In the direct message, the user can click Check it out to go directly to the corresponding Quality section in Playvox.

Using the Playvox App for Slack to View Weekly Quality Reports

Whenever a Weekly Quality Report becomes available, Playvox will send summary information to the channels indicated by the administrator who set up the app. Users with access to the channel can view the preview, as well as click Go to Playvox to be redirected to the report.

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