When you run a calibration, you compare an expert against a specific analyst of your team using the same scorecard for the same user interaction.

Below is the calibration process:

  1. Select a customer interaction to be evaluated

  2. Select an expert against whom other evaluations will be compared

  3. Identify multiple quality evaluators for a calibration

  4. Select if you’d like to score fail all and fail section questions in the calibration.

After running calibrations, you can view Calibration Reports by going to Quality > Calibration > Calibration reports.

This page displays all the calibrations occurring inside your platform.

Viewing Calibration Statistics

Based on your filters, the statistics at the top of the screen display the total number of calibrations currently displayed, the average calibration score, and the total number of errors.

Total calibrations: The number of calibrations currently being displayed.

Avg. calibration score: This is the average score each team member scored as compared to the expert. If a team member matched every question as the expert did, they would get a 100% score. If they did not match any of the questions as the expert did, they would get a 0% score.

Total errors: This is the total number of mismatched questions overall displayed calibrations.

Filtering Report Information

You can filter the calibrations that appear on the main page of Calibration Reports by scorecard and category.

  1. Click the box at the top right of the screen. This field displays the current filter.

  2. Use the menus to select a scorecard or calibration category.

  3. Click Filter.

Viewing the Trend Chart

The Trend chart shows the calibration scores over time.

Viewing Calibrations by Analyst

The Overview by section displays all calibrations by analysts.

This section contains the following columns:

  • Total Calibrations: The total number of calibrations for this analyst.

  • Avg. Calibration Score: The average calibration score across all calibrations for this analyst.

  • Total Errors: The total number of questions that did not match the expert’s across all calibrations for this analyst.

  • Actions: Click View reports to view more detailed calibration information for this analyst.

Viewing Detailed Analyst Calibration Information

You can view detailed calibration for an analyst by clicking View reports in the Actions column of the Overview by section.

This page shows overview information similar to the main page, but now only for this specific analyst.

You can filter the calibrations on this page, view overview information, and view the trend chart.

You can also view each specific calibration that this analyst has taken.

Click the Calibrations tab to view all historic calibrations for which this analyst was a participant.

Viewing Detailed Scorecard Information for a Specific Analyst

You can view detailed scorecard information for a specific analyst by clicking View details (or the link under the Calibration #) column in the Scorecard tab of an analyst’s overview page.

Detailed scorecard information appears.

From this page, you can click a section on the left to display information about that section on the right side.

The mismatched questions appear on the bottom right side. Click View calibrations to view more information about this specific question.

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