Important: Before you can send surveys, you must make sure that the internal service representatives for whom the surveys are sent have an approved External Profile. If this is not the case, the surveys cannot be sent.

To do so, go to VoC > Users.

A page appears that lists all the users you have in Playvox, and indicates whether they have an External Profile or not. Each user must create their own External Profile, or an administrator can create and approve their External Profile.

After a user has created their External Profile, an administrator can either accept or reject them. If they are rejected, they are notified that their External Profile has been rejected.

Administrators can also send reminders to all users who do not have an External Profile, or specific ones.

Approving and Rejecting External Profiles

Administrators can approve or reject External Profiles once they have been edited by a user and have a status of Pending.

To view pending External Profiles and approve or reject them:

1. Go the Users tab.

2. To view all pending approvals, click Pending approvals. All External Profiles will have “Pending for approval” in the Status column.

3. Review an External Profile by clicking on the image in the External Profile column.

4. To approve an External Profile, click Approve in the Options column.

5. To reject an External Profile, click Reject in the Options column.

When a user’s External Profile has been rejected, they will receive a notification asking them to update their profile.

Managing Your Own External Profile

Users with the VoC product enabled in their site will be able to manage their own External Profile.

1. Click your icon in the upper right-hand corner and select My profile.

2. Click External Profile.

3. Click Edit picture to upload a new image, and add your name in the text field.

4. Click Send for approval. Your External Profile must be approved by an administrator before it is active.

Reminding Users to Complete Their External Profiles

You can request an individual user to complete their External Profile, or ask all users who have not completed their profile to do so.

To request an individual user to complete their External Profile, click Remind in the Options column for the user.

To ask all users who have not completed their External Profiles to complete them, click Remind everyone.

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Last Edited: 6.8.20

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