After you have administered one or more VoC product surveys, you can view results by going to VoC > Reports.

The results are grouped by survey, and you can open up the full set of results by clicking the survey name or by clicking View.

There are three main metrics at the top of the screen that are the consolidation of all of your survey’s information:

  • Total sent: The number of surveys sent.
  • Open rate: The rate all sent surveys that were opened by users.
  • Completion rate: The rate of all sent surveys that were completed by users.

Once you’ve opened up the results for a specific survey, you can filter through the results by agent, question type, the rating (e.g., stars) given by the user, or whether the user left comments or not.

You can view your data in Playvox, or you can export the data in Excel format for viewing in the third-party tool of your choice by clicking Export to Excel.

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Last Edited: 6.8.20

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