Administrators and Super-administrators have access to all VoC tabs (Surveys, Users, Reports, Log). Agents only have access to the Reports tab with their own reports, and only to those reports which link to their service.

Super administrators can grant access to the rest of the tabs for the rest of the users.

Granting Access and Managing Permissions

1. In the top right-hand corner of your Playvox Dashboard, click Settings > Roles Management.

2. From this page, you can:

  • Search for existing roles.
  • See the existing roles, as well as the number of users assigned to that role and the Playvox Modules to which the roles grant access.
  • Create new roles.

3. To give access or change permissions to the VoC product, click the Edit icon for the user group for which you want to grant access, and then click VoC in the left column.

4. Change access to Reports section if necessary. The Reports section has the following options:

  • View all VoC Reports gives access to all reports.
  • Access only own VoC Reports gives access to only your own reports.
  • No is no access at all.

5. Change access to the Survey, User, or Log sections.

Note: The rest of the options have a checkbox. If the checkbox is enabled, the user type has access to that section. If the checkbox is disabled, the user type does not have access to that section.

6. Click Save.

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Last Edited: 6.8.20

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