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Agents and end-users can send attachments to each other through interactions. For more information about how to send an attachment as part of one interaction, see Adding attachments to interaction comments. Playvox accepts attachments as internal or external URLs via API.

When using the API Integration for external systems, you can host your files in Playvox using the files endpoint. As a result, a new URL for the file uploaded will be provided in the JSON response.

Also, you can use public or external URL files to send as comment attachments.

Image Thumbnails

For each type of image file, thumbnails are generated with the next dimensions:

  1. Thumbnail: 150px x 150px

  2. Mobile: 600px x 600px

  3. Medium: 400px x 400px

  4. Desktop: 1280px x 1280px

Bulk Attachments

You can use the bulk API to send comments attachments in a batch from your systems into Playvox. This is designed for high-demand operations.

When sending interactions you can send up to 100 objects at a time — meaning 100 interactions per request. When doing so a JSON object is sent in return and the 100 interactions go into a background queue job. Use the load one Job API endpoint to check for the job status.

Attachment size limitations

There are size limitations for attachments. Make sure you understand how these limits affect your interaction's comment information.

Here are the size limitations for attachments in the comments section:

  • Each attachment cannot exceed 10 MB.

  • Requests always must have the content-type multipart/form-data header.

Scanning attachments for viruses

All files attached via API are scanned for viruses before being sent in API Integration for external systems. If an attachment is found to include a virus, it is not included in the interaction's comment. Instead, the recipient is sent an error message stating an attached file was not sent.

Relevant Endpoints

Last Edited: 17.06.20

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