To review your historical evaluations:

1. Go to Quality > Evaluations.

2. Choose to view evaluations for all scorecards, or select a specific scorecard.

3. Optionally, select a team for that scorecard.

4. To filter your evaluations, click Add Filter.

5. Select to filter by agent, analyst, signed, achieved, interaction ID, or user custom field.

Note: You can only filter by scorecard custom fields if they have been added to the scorecard.

6. Based on the filter selection you choose, you are prompted to enter data. The screenshot below displays if you filter by agent.

7. Add another filter, or click Done.

8. You can filter by date by clicking the Date field and selecting the start and end date for your filter. After selecting your date range, click Done.

9. To save your filter, click Save Filter.

10. To select a filter you have saved, click the Filter field and select the filter.

Note: Click the hamburger icon to the right of a saved filter to edit the filter or delete it.

The filtered set of evaluations display automatically based on the filters you add.

Evaluations include the original customer interaction for review.

Last Edited: 06.12.20

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