NOTE: Usernames must match between RingCentral Engage Voice to Playvox for this function to work properly (For the Moment.)

First, request the credentials to do the FTP Audio integration to

Playvox will provide a user and password as login credentials for the FTP Audio server.

Click on the gear icon on the top right > select integrations > click on the green plus symbol > then select FTP Audio connector.

  • Give the integration a name.

  • The user and passwords are credentials provided by Playvox.

  • The path, and file name need to be configured so that both RingCentral and Playvox formats match.

  • Delimiter: You can choose any delimiter you’d like (space, underscore, slash, etc.).

  • Date: We strongly suggest you use the "timestamp" format, but if desired you can also use the "Date Time" format.

  • Custom Fields: You can have different custom fields to meet your needs, just remember each custom field must be separated by the delimiter of your choice.

Configure the map log. Based on the file name previously configured on the integration, set the delimiter, user_id, transaction_id, date_id, and others. This should match the format on RingCentral.

Log in to RingCentral Engage site with Super admin credentials.

Go to the gear icon on the left > select the Recordings delivery option.

Create the destination, click on Add Destination.

Fill in the information, give the Destination a name, select SFTP Server, STPF Server will always be s, The user and password are the same credentials provided by Playvox in creating the integration above.

Create a new task but clicking on the Add Task button

Fill in the Add Task format, select the destination previously created, Destination File Name needs to match the one created on the Playvox integration.

To access the Audio FTP log: access the integrations settings tab > look for ftp-audio and click on actions > then click on audio log

File uploads will be displayed

When looking for a file’s name you can search it by typing any word contained in the file’s name - you don’t have to type the entire name.

Create customer interaction filters to listen to calls to evaluate.

Creating customer interaction filters

Last Edited: 19.06.20

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