Follow the steps below to add a quiz to a course and configure it.

Create a quiz and edit the settings

Step 1 — Click on Manager.

Step 2 — Search for a course, click on a course card or create a new course.

Step 3 — In the course page, scroll down to the Activities section, enter a name for the quiz, and click the Create Activity button.

Step 4 — In the Set Content Type drop-down, choose Quiz.

Step 5 — Click the small edit button to access the Quiz page.

Step 6 — Click the Settings button to configure the quiz.

Step 7 — In the Settings panel, enter the Approximate Time (in minutes) for the duration of the quiz. Enter the amount of Percent Approval that is necessary to pass the quiz.

Optionally, check the Allow Retry box to permit the learner to attempt the quiz again, and then choose the number of Retry Attempts from the drop-down. In Retry Delay, you can also enter the number of minutes that you want the learner to wait before attempting to take the quiz again.

Click the Save button to commit your changes; click Cancel to discard your entries.

Add questions to the quiz

Follow these steps to add questions to a quiz.

Step 1 — Click the Enter Question field, enter the text of the question (such as “What is Playvox?”), and then click the Create Question button.

Step 2 — Hover over the question to display the small edit button. Click this button to display the Edit panel.

Step 3 — In the edit panel, you can edit the question and then choose the Question Type and Feedback Type.

There are three options for the Question Type:

  • Unique choice — the learner can only choose one correct answer.

  • Multiple answers — the learner would need to choose at least two answers.

  • Short Answer — the learner would need to type out an answer (in one or more sentences).

There are several options for Feedback Type:

  • All Answers

  • Correct/Incorrect answers

  • Per option

Step 4 — Add the answers to this question. Begin by entering text for Answer option 1, and then click the + Add Answer Option link to add another answer option—until you cover all the options that you want for this question.

For each answer option that is correct, click the small circle button to turn it green.

NOTE: This will work differently on each of the question types. Unique would only have one correct answer, Multiple answer would have at least two answers, and Short answer would ask the course manager to write the option.

Step 5 — For the Feedback, enter both the correct and incorrect answer.

Click the Save Changes button to commit your changes; click Cancel to discard your entries.

Step 6 — Back on the Quiz page, you can add more questions and drag-and-drop to change the order of the questions.

Add more quizzes

Return to the course page to add and configure more quizzes by following the steps in the sections here in this topic.

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