A playcard is similar to a flashcard. By adding and configuring playcards, you are making a game in which the learner associates the front of a card with what is on the back of the card.

Follow the steps below to add a playcard to a course and configure it.

Create a playcard and edit the settings

Step 1 — Click on Manager.

Step 2 — Search for a course, click on a course card or create a new course.

Step 3 — In the course page, scroll down to the Activities section, enter a name for the playcard, and click the Create Activity button.

Step 4 — In the Set Content Type drop-down, choose Playcard.

Step 5 — Click the small edit button to access the Playcard page.

Step 6 — To configure a playcard activity, you add multiple playcards and specify the text that will appear on the front of each card.

Check the Random box to have the game move randomly through the playcard set.

Using the drop-down, you can specify how many choices will appear for the learner to choose among for the back of the card: two, three, or four choices.

Step 7 — Click the Settings button to configure the playcard.

Step 8 — In the Card List section, enter the text that is to appear on the front and back of each card.

For example, the first card could have “Sky” for the front and “Blue” for the back. Another card could have “Fire” for the front and “Red” for the back. A third card could have “Wood” for the front and “Brown” for the back. See the figure below for how this would appear on the Playcard page.

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