After creating a course, the next step is to publish the course.

Ensure that:

  • The course contains all of the necessary Activities.

  • The Settings for the course are correct.

Follow the steps here to publish a course.

Step 1 — Click on Manager, then access the course that you want to publish.

Step 2 — Click on the Settings button and ensure that these are correct.

In the sidebar window, you can configure a number of course settings:

  • Order - choose whether the learner must consecutively work through the activities or may skip ahead to any activity in the course.

  • Deadline - specify the number of days that the learner has to take the course, or choose a date by which the learner must complete the course.

  • Skills - select the skill category that applies to this course.

It is especially important to ensure that the Privacy checkboxes are accurate. Click the Save button to close the popup window and return to the course page.

NOTE: Only managers and trainers with permissions can see a Private course.

Step 3 — Back on the course page, click the Publish button at the top of the page. In the popup window, click the Publish course button to confirm that you want to publish this course now.

View the course elsewhere in Playvox

The new course will appear in the Course list on the Manager page. Locate the course and click the small pencil icon to edit the course.

Course visibility:

  • Any public course will also be visible to all learners and managers—both in the Library and in any relevant search results.

  • Any private course will also be accessible to other managers or trainers.

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