NOTE: Only managers and trainers with permissions can add access reports.

Explore the Reports feature

Click on Reports menu item at the top of the page.

At the top of the Reports page, you can see the Contents section—which provides the totals for activities, courses, and learning paths. The Main KPI section presents the number of complete activities, training hours, and enrollments for the last month.

Scroll down the video the list in the Activities tab, which presents a list of learners with recent progress in various activities. The Activity Name is given for each listing, and the degree of progress is shown in the Status column.

NOTE: In any tab, click on a row to view more details, and use the drop-downs to filter the list.

Click the Learners tab to view a simple list of all the learners.

Click the Courses tab to view a list of all courses.

Click on a course to see a detail report. Here is an example of a Courses report:

Click the Learning paths tab to view a list of all learning paths.

Click on a path to see a detail report. Here is an example of a Learning Path report:

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