Managing a learning path involves:

  • Viewing learning path summary information and the learning path list

  • Add a new learning path

  • Archive a learning path

  • Edit a learning path

  • Change learning path settings

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NOTE: Only managers and trainers with appropriate permissions can manage learning path.

Access the Learning Paths page by clicking Manager and then clicking the Learning paths tab.


At the top of the page, you can see the counts for the total number of learning path and learners enrolled. This section also contains the New Learning Path button, for which you can find more information below.

Viewing the Learning path list

All existing learning paths will appear in the Learning paths list on the Manager page. Locate the learning path and click the small pencil icon to edit the learning path. You can also archive a learning path.

Add a new Learning Path

At the top of the page, click the New Learning Path button to add a new course.

Enter the Learning Path Title and a Description.


At the top of the page, click the Settings button to display the Learning Path Settings sidebar.

In the sidebar window, you can configure two settings:

  • Order - choose whether the learner must consecutively work through the courses or may skip ahead to any course in the path.

  • Public - Check this box to make the entire learning path available to all learners. Leave it unchecked to keep the learning path private.

Learning path visibility:

  • Any public course will also be visible to all learners and managers—both in the Library and in any relevant search results.

  • Any private course will also be accessible to other managers or trainers.

Add courses to a learning path

To add two or more courses to the learning path, begin by clicking the Add Course button.

In the popup window, search for a course, then drag a course name from the left to the right side. Add more courses in this way. Click the Add Courses button to commit your changes and close the popup window.

Back on the Learning Path page, click-and-drag to reorder the courses.

Publish the Learning Path

Click the Publish button at the top of the page. In the popup window, click the Publish button to confirm that you want to publish this learning path now.

Add Learners

Back on the Learning Path page, click on the Learners tab and then click the Add Learners button to invite learners to enroll in this course. Any learners that you add will have access to the learning path from their libraries.

Archive a Learning Path

Back on the Learning Path page, click on the Archive tab, scroll down and locate the path that you want to archive. Click the small archive link. The path will now appear on the Archive tab.

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