NOTE: Only Admins and Super Administrators can modify these settings.

To access Playvox Rocket, click on the Settings menu in the upper-right corner and click Switch to Playvox Rocket.

A popup window will appear that prompts you to try the new version of Rocket. Click the Let’s Try It button.

Let’s explore the differences between the Classic Rocket module and the new edition.

There is a new navigation bar along the left side which contains icons that you can click to access:

  • Community

  • Quality

  • Performance

  • Multi-site

  • Channels

  • Notifications

Notifications panel includes several tabs: Activity, Announcements, and What’s new.


At the top, you can see tabs for Workloads, Interactions, and other features.

There is a search icon in the upper-right.

Click it to display the Search panel.

You can insert a small, square logo into the top of your Rocket toolbar. To do this, click on the Community icon, and then click onto the Appearance tab.

Click the Upload New button and locate the image file for your square logo.

Your logo will appear at the top of the toolbar.

Return to Classic Playvox

You may prefer to return to classic Playvox. In the lower-left corner, click your user icon to display a popup menu and click Return to Classic Playvox.

In the popup window, take a moment to indicate the reason why you want to return to the classic interface. Click the Send button to transmit your submission.

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