In this article, learn how to:

  • Access details about customer interactions through the Reports feature.

  • Export Customer Feedback to a CSV file.

  • Use the new interaction email message and form.

Survey Reports

Navigate to VoC > Reports, then choose a survey. Next, use the filters at the top to choose a period, the type of learning, a team, and/or a user.

Overview - Trends

A survey can have up to three questions. Click on the drop-down to change the question to get to the visualization for the selected question.

Customer Feedback

Scroll down in the report to view a list of customer feedback replies. In the Filters panel, check one or more options to get/view/preview the list.

Customer Interaction Details

If you have enabled any of the VOC out-of-the-box integration with CRMs, (Salesforce, Kustomer, Zendesk), a small ID will appear in the response block.

To view details of a customer interaction, click the ID link in a feedback listing.

When you click on the interaction/case ID, the browser page will redirect to the ticket or case in the CRM application. There, you can review the interaction and understand the reason behind the VoC score.

NOTE: To be able to access a ticket or case in the CRM, you need to be logged into the CRM.

Export Customer Feedback to a CSV file

In the top-right, choose one of the period filters or choose Custom. In the drop-down, choose a start and end date. The contents of the CSV file will match any filter with respect to the date, surveys, teams, or agent.

Click the Export to a CSV link. Accept the given name or edit the name and save it to your computer.

The CSV file contains the agent name, agent email address, customer email address, feedback text, and other information. (See sample CSV file below for full details.)

New interaction email message and form

We have enhanced the survey email message. The customers can now click on the stars directly in the body of the email which will open a link to a form to rate the experience and add personal comments about your interaction. They will see an arrow to continue and give feedback about their experience.

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