The Export feature will give you the ability to export your evaluations and calibrations into the Export Center as a CSV file. These exports are available for download into a CSV format that is easy to open in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or any other spreadsheet/BI software.

The maximum number of evaluations (or calibrations) is now 6,000.

Legacy export feature is available for a short time: Using the Export to Excel feature, the maximum number of results is 3,000 evaluations. Customers will still have access to this Export to Excel button until the end of June 2021.

You can now find a new Export button on the right side of the Evaluations page, as shown in the figure.

Also available in Calibrations: The new Export feature will also be available in the Calibrations page.

To begin the export, click the Export button. After a few moments, notice the message at the very top of the screen, indicating that the export process may take a few minutes. More time is necessary if you have many evaluations to export.

When the export is complete, a notification indicator will appear in the bell icon at the upper-right corner of the page. You can click that notification, or click the Settings icon and click Export Center.

On the Export Center page, the item at the top represents the last file that you exported. Click the small icon in the Options column to download the CSV file.

24-hour expiration for the download: The CSV file will only be available for the user who made the request and available for download for 24 hours. If it is not downloaded within that timeframe, you will need to run the Export again.

Locate the CSV file in the Downloads folder on your computer and click to open it.

Note: When opening a CSV file in Excel, you may experience formatting issues. In order to reduce issues, consider performing the following steps:

Import > CSV > Delimited > UTF-8 > Comma + Dot & Comma

Browse the column headings and the information in the file. Notice that the CSV file includes attributes such as:

  • Evaluation ID (#)

  • Reference number

  • Workload name

  • Evaluation time in seconds

  • Questions groups

  • Custom feedback option

  • Calibration categories

Note: The Export Center is available to all users who have the permission to "View All Evaluations." Permissions for this, and other features can be configured in Roles Management.

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