Note: In order to create an integration, you will be required to have the role of Admin within the Playvox platform.

Let's Get Started

First, you will need to log into your LiveChat account. Make sure you are using credentials that belong to an admin account.

After logging in, click on your profile at the bottom left and select your username and email.

Next, at the bottom of the screen under Your API Key, click Developer Console.

Here is where you will need to create a new app. To do so, click Build your App, give it a unique name, and click Continue.

On the left side menu, select Building Blocks, and choose App Authorization. Click Get Started.

Now, select Server-side app, and click continue.

In order to finalize the integration with Playvox, you will need the Client ID and the Client Secret. Copy and save this information in safe place. You will need it in a bit.

Next, you will need to add Playvox to the Redirect URI Whitelist. Depending on your Playvox site, add either:


At the bottom, select the appropriate scopes. These will be a list of permissions for your app.

The scopes available for this integration are the following:

  • tags_read

  • surveys_read

  • groups_read

  • archives_read

  • chats--all:ro

  • agents_read

After you've completed these steps, you are now ready to connect LiveChat v3.2 with Playvox. To do so, click the gear icon in the upper right hand side of your Playvox instance and select Integrations.

In the upper right hand corner, click New. You will see all of the CRMs and Helpdesks that we integrate with. Select LiveChat 3.2.

Remember that Client ID and Client Secret you saved? Here is where you will enter them.

Name: This will be the connector’s name - you may have multiple connections and it is important for you to be able to properly identify them (i.e. LiveChat’s chat 1, India’s emails, Technical support chat, etc.).

After you've given the integration a name and entered your saved Client ID and Client Secret, click Accept.

Now you're all set!

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