In this article, you will learn how to Create Surveys, Add Additional Questions, Rearrange the Order of Survey Questions, and Create a Custom Exit Page. We’ll also show you how to Clone, Deactivate and Delete your survey, if needed.

Creating a New Survey

1. To create a new survey, log into your Playvox account and go to VoC > Surveys.

2. In the top-right corner of the VoC Surveys landing page, click the green “NEW” button.

Playvox will then launch a new survey for you to customize.

Changing the Survey Name and Description, and Entering Teams

On the top-left of this page, you will be able to personalize the Survey Name and add a short description if desired. You will also be able to add the Team(s) that will utilize this Survey.

1. Add survey title and description where prompted. Don’t worry - any changes you make are automatically saved.

Keep in mind that to have teams appear when you use the “team filter” on reports, you must make sure that each survey has the correct teams assigned to them.

3. Add these teams in the field marked “Select a team” beneath the Add survey description field. You may scroll to find the team(s) you’d like to be included, or simply start typing and select.

Note: This is optional. If you don't want reports filtered by teams, feel free to leave this field empty.

Adding Additional Questions

To add additional questions, click Add question in the left-hand navigation bar. Keep in mind that you can’t repeat the same question type, and you can only ask up to 3 questions per survey.

Rearranging the Order of Survey Questions

To rearrange the order of your questions, simply drag and drop them in the survey.

Creating a Custom Exit Page for Your Survey

You can choose to create a custom exit page that will display to the user at the end of the survey. If you decide not to customize this page, a default message will appear in its place.

To create an exit page:

1. Click Add exit page at the bottom of the left-hand navigation bar.

2. From the exit page template, you can:

  • Add Logo. For best quality, we recommend using PNG images with a maximum height of 70px and a maximum width of 275px.

  • Enter your Thank You Message. A message to be displayed in large font in the “Type your thank you message” field.

  • Add a Description. Additional text to be displayed in a smaller font in the “Add a description” field.

  • Add Picture: We recommend .png files with a maximum width of 300px, and a maximum height of 150px.

Note: Playvox automatically saves any changes. Keep in mind, however, that once you begin to receive responses to your survey, the edits you can make to them are limited. You can change the text and images, but not the order of the questions.

Cloning Your Survey

If you want to create a new survey that is identical to one you’ve already created, simply clone it! When you create a cloned survey, the new survey contains all the same questions and exit page information. The only difference it will have is the word “Copy” next to it, which you are welcome to edit. It also won’t have the response information from the survey you’ve cloned. We’ll walk you through the process below.

To clone a survey:

1. From the survey you want to clone, click More > Clone.

2. Click Yes, clone the survey.

A new survey is created that is identical to the one you just created, except with the word “Copy” next to it.

Deactivating and Deleting Your Survey

You can deactivate and delete surveys. When you deactivate your survey, the survey is removed from the Active list and cannot be used by anyone. You can activate any inactive surveys from the Inactive list.

Important: When you delete a survey, it is removed permanently from Playvox and cannot be recovered. The data will also be deleted from Reporting.

Deactivating and Reactivating a Survey

To deactivate a survey:

1. From the survey you want to deactivate, click More > Deactivate.

2. Click Accept.

The survey is removed from the active list and will instead appear on the inactive list.

To view the inactive list, select Inactive from the drop-down menu.

To reactivate an inactive survey:

1. Go to the Inactive view by selecting Inactive from the drop-down menu.

2. From the survey you want to activate, click More > Activate.

Deleting a Survey

Remember: If you delete a survey, it cannot be recovered. The data will also be deleted. If you don't want to lose the data, we suggest you deactivate the survey instead of deleting it.

1. From the survey you want to delete, click More > Delete.

2. Click Accept.

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