The questions you choose here will provide the crucial information you'll need to create better customer experiences.

1. Click a primary survey type to get started.

2. Choose Rating or Net promoter as your first question. Then you may add up to 2 other questions per survey.

Here is a breakdown of question types:

  • Rating: A rating scale-based question (e.g., “How would you rate your experience with us today?”).

  • Net Promoter: An index-based question that measures how likely the customer is to recommend you. This indicates how satisfied the customer is with your company, product, or service, and their loyalty to your brand.

  • Unique choice: Allows you to include open-ended questions or a scoring range customized to your needs. You can also use it to measure KPIs such as Goal Completion Rate, Customer Effort Score (CES), or Emotional Score.

Note: Net Promoter and Rating are the only question types allowed to be the first question; Unique Choice cannot be the first question. All new surveys must have at least one question, and no more than three. You cannot repeat the same question types (e.g. 2 Rating Questions).

3. Personalize your Question Pages.

On each page you will be able to:

  • Add logo: Click where prompted to upload a company logo. For best quality, we recommend using PNG images with a maximum height of 70px and a maximum width of 275px.

  • Untitled question: Add question text.

  • Add a description: If necessary, you can add description text here.

On the Rating Page, you will also see fields for:

  • Picture: This picture and name will be provided by the agent’s External Profile when the survey is triggered. Click here to read more about Adding and Managing Users to the platform.

  • Add a label: You can add a label on the left and/or right side (e.g., Not satisfied and Very satisfied).

On the Net Promoter Question Page, you will also have the option to edit the following fields:

  • Add a picture: We recommend .png files with a maximum width of 300px, and a maximum height of 150px.

  • Not likely/Extremely likely: Feel free to edit this parameter text, if necessary.

To personalize a Unique Choice Question:

  • Add answer choices: You must add a minimum of 2 answers, and a maximum of 5.

  • Add a picture: Again, we recommend .png files with a maximum width of 300px, and a maximum height of 150px.

Tip: Set a reminder on your calendar to periodically reevaluate the questions in your survey to make sure you are gathering the information most important for your organization. Everything is automatically updated and saved as you work.

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